Portrait by order

A portrait of your partner, children, grand children, work associate, friend or maybe of yourself. A painting is something special.

Next to her normal art work, Margreet paints portraits by order, whereby the background takes an important place in the painting. She makes the portraits in style of her normal art work.

To create a portrait by order, she makes a series of photgraphs of the model. Together with the model she selects the picture. She can also work in relation to usable private pictures.

A good painted portrait is not an exact copy of the photographed image. A painted portrait goes deeper, it fascinates and attracts the observer. It shows the character of the person. The facial expression, the posture, the nose, mouth or eye which is essentially charastic for the painted person

Step by step, layer by layer Margreet works to the ultimate end result; a realistic portrait with emotinal value that last longer than life.

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