Commissioned paintings and portraits

A portrait of your partner, (grand)child, colleague, director, pet or perhaps of yourself. That’s something extra special!

In addition to her work, Margreet paints on commission. She portrays in the style of her non commissed work. In these portraits the background plays as an important role as the portraited.

For a portrait assignment she works with a series of photos that she takes of the model. In consultation with the client a specific photo from these series is chosen. She can also work with selected personal photos of good quality. During the painting process the portrait can be viewed and changes can be proposed.

A well-painted portrait is not an exact copy of reality, it’s an interpretation. A painted portrait goes further and deeper than a photograph and continues to fascinate. It shows the character of the person through a facial expression, an attitude, a nose or mouth, etc. that is characteristic to the portrayed. Step by step and layer by layer, Margreet works towards the ultimate result; a realistic portrait with emotional value that will last longer than a lifetime.

In addition to portraits, Margreet also makes commissioned thematic paintings.


Tell Margreet which painting you would like to have made. After agreement on the size and the price, Margreet will start making the work of art - after receipt of payment. The work is can be collected by or sent to the client after approval.

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Commissioned painting

Commissioned painting