I Dream You


100 x 100 cm
Oil on 3D canvas

When i meditate i feel the Oneness, the Devine, without the distractions that take me away from my true nature.
I greet the divine in me and i greet the Devine in you. Namaste.
The painting was a inner calling that places me at one with it; an idea, a subconscious dialog with material which makes the painting a living thing. I believe that a painting reveals itself to the painter from one moment to the next, that instinct and intuition play a primary role in connecting the artists spirit to the spirit of the materials and the idea being portrayed, that working from a center point of the creative being is where knowing disappears and a sense of unknown begins. By ‘disrupting” and expanding the tradition of Realism the paintings now allow me to travel to a unknown destination where a new world develops.

€ 1.950,00