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Spiritual Art


Are you looking for a tool that will allow you to explore creativity, clairvoyance and connect with your Spirit Guides?
The fastest way to connect with Spirit is meditation. However, thoughts and dreams can be elusive. A tangible confirmation is something we can see or touch. Spiritual art is a tool you can use that is completely unique!

Art - especially drawing and painting - is an exciting way to achieve this goal. Spiritual art is a combination of spiritual practice and creativity.

When you paint you enter another state of heightened consciousness where you receive information from the spirits and discover new areas.

It is important that you discover your own way of communicating with Spirit.
During the lessons, it is paramount that everyone can develop creatively and intuitively, regardless of the chosen material.

Each lesson starts with a guided meditation that brings you into a peaceful, calm and open state of mind and establishes a connection with the spiritual world.
You learn to trust your intuition (again). The liberating thing about Spiritual art is that it bypasses the logical and mental defenses and brings us back and reconnects with our inner child and playfulness.

Join in, relax, let your inner child express itself and have fun with creativity and spirituality.

Every lesson you can use different materials such as; oil paint, watercolor, ink, acrylic paint, pastel chalk, mixed media. Brushes, cloths, paper, etc. are provided.
You can also bring your own materials.

Lessons:8 lessons
Date:23, 30 september,
7, 14, 21 oktober
4, 11, 18 november
Time:13:30 - 16:30
Location:Koudum – zuidwest Friesland
Lecturer:Margreet Blaas
Price:€ 200,00 (excl material)
Info:through contact or call: 06 - 83791850


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