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Fine Painting and Classical Painting Techniques

During Margreet Blaas's courses you will learn the classical structure and painting techniques that the old masters used. In the Basic Realistic Fine Painting Course you will be introduced to the foundations of these techniques. You will learn, among other things, how to use brush lines to create delicate details, how to mix colors to get the right shades, and how to apply light and shadow for dramatic effects. This course lays the foundation for your journey into the world of fine painting and is taught in a classroom setting.

Advanced Techniques
Now that you have mastered the basic techniques, move on to creating larger and more complex works. This phase of your training focuses on refining your skills and applying advanced techniques. You will learn how to build layers to create depth and texture, and how to paint complex compositions and realistic works. We offer the Free Atelier for those who want to develop their skills further or independently. This is a course where you can work independently on your own projects, with the opportunity to receive advice and guidance when necessary. The Free Atelier is perfect for those who want to push their creative boundaries and try out new techniques in an inspiring environment.

Whether you're a beginner looking to learn the basics or an advanced painter looking to refine your technique, our

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