Margreet Blaas (1962) was Born in Bussum, Netherlands.

As a child Margreet had a flair for drawing, painting and through the magic of colour she feld the need from her Soul to expres her creativity.

Margreet was introduced to her masters by visiting museums: Goustave Courbet, Rene Margritte, Honore Daumier, Salvador Dali, Picasso, Goya, Pyke Koch, Charley Toorop, Dick Ket, Carel Willink and became deeply affected by art.

She attended painting and drawing lessons at Art school but soon discovered her own painting “instinct” and ability and had to walk path of discovery on her own. Step by step she developed her own painting style, based on the old masters, that is characterised with a mixture of fiction and reality. Margreets work can be mysterious and funny or looking into a reality, not of this world. She is inspired by fairytails, circus, misfits, animals and basically everything that she calls “the crazy cosmos”.
Margreet is more than a painter, she loves to tell a story. your social media marketing partner
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