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Artist statement

For me, painting is a way to express my innermost thoughts and emotions. With my creations I want to evoke a sense of wonder. In my art I often explore themes such as nature, spirituality and the human experience.

I constantly challenge myself to experiment with new techniques and materials, striving to push the boundaries of my creativity.

What motivates me every day is my undiminished love of art and the desire to make a positive impact with a painting. I believe art has the power to inspire, heal and bring people together.

As an artist it is my passion to create realistic work. My favorite color is blue. I find it fascinating how blue can evoke different emotions, create depth, breadth and atmosphere.

My technique as an artist is based on using different layers to add texture and detail to my work. I work with oil paint, because it gives me the opportunity to create subtle transitions and nuances in color.

The artistic process is a true journey of discovery for me, often inspired by old or vintage photos.

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