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About Margreet Blaas

Margreet Blaas

Margreet Blaas is an artist who has chosen her own path in her artistic development. She believes painting is an inner calling and not something you can learn from books or from a teacher. Her paintings are created in a pure and authentic way, without outside influences.

In the art world, there are many different movements and styles that artists can conform to. Artists are often influenced by prevailing trends and techniques and try to adapt to what is popular. Margreet Blaas, on the other hand, has chosen to follow her own path and to walk her own artistic path.

Margreet is inspired by the undiscovered, the mysterious and memories. She works from her unconscious and conscious memory and her imagination. Her paintings start out as drafts, but in the process they take on a life of their own and speak to her. Margreet follows her intuition and inner voices to bring her paintings to life.

This approach to painting is unique and sets Margreet apart from other artists. She believes that art is a form of self-expression and that it is important to stay true to your own vision and feelings. Her works often depict a magically realistic dream world, in which the subject is symbolic and placed in a world of colors and brush strokes. It is a subjective and emotional approach to reality, where the experience is more important than the tangible reality.

Currently, the majority of Margreet's work can be admired in the Nimis Gallery in Bussum, the Netherlands. Here art lovers can experience her lively and inspired paintings and let themselves be carried away in her special world. The gallery offers a unique opportunity to view the artworks of Margreet Blaas up close and to experience the emotions and feelings they evoke.

Margreet Blaas is an artist who follows her own voice and expresses her own unique vision of the world.

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