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About Margreet Blaas

Margreet Blaas

Through several training courses and frequent museum visits, Margreet Blaas has developed as an autodidact painter with a solid craftsmanship background. She has deliberately chosen this path because she wants her paintings to emerge from the canvas as purely as possible. She believes that painting is not something you can learn from books or from a teacher. According to her, painting is an inner calling. A vocation that makes you one with the moment and the art of creating.

Margreet is attracted to the undiscovered, to a mystery, a memory or a story. She works from the unconscious-conscious mind and her imagination. The images that are created in this proces then start slowly to separate themselves from Margreet. They start to live their own lives as it were, and then speak to her. Tell her how they want to be represented and painted.

Through her intuition and imagination, Margreet follows her inner voices. Whilst painting, figures flow together with their environments. They seem to support each other and dissolve at the same time. In this way, step by step, lively and inspired paintings are created.

The subjects often show a magically realistic dream world. In this, not always recognizable, reality the subject is symbolic and placed in a world of intuitive brush marks and colours. It is a subjective and emotional approach to reality, in which experience becomes more important than the familiar and tangible reality.

Most of Margreet's work is currently in the Nimis Gallery in Bussum, the Netherlands


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