Margreet creates her paintings to reflect existential subjects of life - death, oneness - seperation, human - soul, the spiritual aspects of our being. Duality- non-duality, polarity, the eternal paradox of human existance.

Margreets paintings are universal because her personal aspects are recognisable for everyone, leaving space for that biggest mystery, which transcends everything and makes soul connections tangible.
Every painting is built in different layers which gives every human the space to react from their own living experiences . As you observe, you will see spontaniously the deeper layers that connect with your own personal story. Through observation you can feel your inner self being touched and standing still at the same moment, perhaps it will take you into the flow of non-dualism, realising that we are all one.


The soulful oil paintings give you the possibility to open yourself to your soul which transcend your rational awareness. You are more than what you think or feel; your awareness is inspired by your soul and influence your daily eartly existence.
These paintings offer a counterweight to the rational attempt to interprate the world and offering a moment in which you can reflect and inspect. A Soulfulness painting connects human and soul again by using art as a bridge between the two worlds

Soulfulness oil paintings - Crazy Cosmos

I invite you to look at the paintings, to look in the mirror and share in Soulfulness: a moment to connect, to communicate with your inner self, to be inspired and realise that we are all part of this Crazy cosmos.

Soulfulness is that ever-present witnessing awareness that is timeless, omniscient, beyond space and time, eternal, it’s who you really are.

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